I know you. You have a desperate need to be your own boss. You dream of the day that you get to be in charge of your schedule. You want to make a living but you also want flexibility, fulfillment, joy, and love in your work. You want to start a business.

But, how? You run through a list in your head of skills you have that you think might be valuable to others. Things you can monetize.

So many of us, including myself at one point, get to this phase and become disheartened or overwhelmed. We either feel as if we are drowning in a sea of possibilities or we are dying of thirst in a desolate idea desert.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to think so hard, Honey Bee. For real.

To start, ask yourself one question. Just one.

“What do I love to do?”

I promise, starting is that simple. What do you love?

Maybe it’s one thing. Maybe it’s many. Make a list if you need to. Write it down. Go ahead and do it right now, this blog post will wait right here for you.

Have you got the one thing you love to do or your list of things? Here’s what to do next?

Step One: Choose your love

Sometimes this is the hardest step. But don’t worry, you can always change your mind. Just try one and see where it goes.

Step Two: Brainstorm

This is the part where you take your hobby, your chosen passion, and figure out how to monetize it. Think about what services you’d like to see offered in relation to your hobby. Do some research on what is already out there and see if you can’t figure out what might be missing. Maybe someone is doing something really cool and you want to do something similar, that’s all right too. Join some online or real life communities of people who share an interest in what you love and see what they say. Grill your friends on what they think you could do or schedule a brainstorming session with me and we can discover something together.

Step Three: Strategize

This is where it tends to get a little overwhelming, but just take your time and be kind to yourself. Remind yourself that it is O.K. that you don’t have all the answers right now. No one is meant to know everything. It’s O.K. to reach out for help, too. This step may take a while, be patient with yourself, starting a business has a huge learning curve.
Now that you know what you want to do, it’s time to figure out how you want to do it. Do you want to sell online? Do you want to open up a store? How big do you want to start? What exactly are you offering? Really dig into the details. What things do you need to start? What skills do you have that can help you begin? What might you need to hire out? Try and cover all of your bases.

Step Four: Ask for help

You’re not alone, Honey Bee. There are so many other people out there starting new businesses, learning new things, creating amazing things and many of them are willing to share with you! You just need to find where they are hanging out. Do a few searches to find Facebook groups. Search for “entrepreneurs”, “business”, and any terms that relate to your line of biz specifically.  Soak up the offered knowledge and with time, when you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll be able to give back.
Are there pieces of your business that you need to hire someone for? Do you need to talk to a marketing specialist, a copywriter, or a web designer? Do your research and find someone who fits the bill, someone you think you will enjoy working with. Interview a few different people, you’ll know when you find the right person.

Step Five: Go get ’em! 

You’re ready, Butterfly. Spread your wings and get out there. Don’t worry if everything isn’t quite perfect. A very wise woman once said “Start. Start now. Don’t wait until it’s perfect.” And she’s right. I tell my yoga students “be where you are today” and that goes for you too. Be where you are, start now, and keep growing. You’ll learn amazing lessons along the way and your business will forever be evolving and changing, allowing you to craft your dream life.

Good luck, Honey Bee. You’ve got this.



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