What’s your Word for 2016?

Hello honey bee!

It’s a new year and I’m sure many of us are feeling the push to make big changes, resolutions, and the like.

I’m not a resolution maker, mostly because I know that I’ll never stick with it. So, instead, I set my intentions for the new year by choosing a Word of the Year.

I got this idea from my super awesome, hippie-dippie, incredibly fun biz and life guru, Leonie Dawson. She creates beautiful art with her Word of the Year. I haven’t quite gotten around to doing that just yet.

My Word of the Year for 2016 is Rebuild. You see, I’m still recovering from my life working for a marketing firm. Turns out, I have a lot of work to do. During the time  I spent there, I had neglected so many parts of myself and my life. So I’m going to spend 2016 rebuilding all of those extremely important parts. My family, my friends, my business, my yoga practice, my self-care routine, and so much more.

 Word of the year: rebuild

I’ve already made a great start in the biz department. You might notice some new things popping up at Bloom Your Biz! WordPress Web Design, Brainstorming Sessions, Strategy Sessions, and some new Virtual Assistant package options. I even have some really exciting new biz packages coming out soon! So, stay tuned!

You see, honey bee, not only do I want to Rebuild things in my life, but I’m ready to help you Build your biz, so you can live the dream life you’ve always wanted. Make this your year to shine! Get out there and grab a hold of that life, the one you’ve always wanted. You deserve it.

What’s your Word for 2016?